Dual Frequency Vacuum Plasma System

Conventional Vacuum Plasma System has caused wire short and low uniformity failure. (using only RF Power Supply)

PSM designed NPT-V04 to improve above issues by using Dual Power Supply (RF: 13.56MHz,MF: 20~50KHz)

Dual Power Supply make minimized Collisional Ion Energy and Wire Short issue can be solved by minimized Collisional Ion Energy.

 # Role of each Power Supply

1. RF(13.56MHz): Enhancing the plasma density and control it.

2. MF(20~50KHz): Lower the Ion and Electron energy

    - Minimized Damage and Charging Effect

NPT-V04 is completely self-contained system and requires minimized space.

Chamber, Control Part, RF and MF Power Supply are composed by single body.

And each unit can be simply accessed.

The unique shelves of NPT-V04(High Throughput Shelves) can guarantee higher reliability and quality.

At the same time, it decreased process time.

Magazines are placed vertically inside the vacuum chamber.

Normally, each magazine hold around 20 lead frames.

The chamber holds up to 12 magazines, it is depends on magazine size.

NPT V04 Sheet.pdf